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  • We have experience in all areas of real estate management.

    We have access to resources that afford accurate rental rates wherever your property may be.

  • We are skilled in effective marketing that attracts most desirable tenants fast.

  • We handle all rent collection and bookkeeping for you.

  • We conduct competent and thorough property inspections.

  • We provide 24/7/365 emergency response by reputable contractors.

  • We even take care of evictions in your stead.

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How We Work

1Property Marketing and Rental Ads

We find a tenant fast to turn alligators into cash flow. At the same time, we maximize your ROI by investigating prevailing rental rates for comparable properties in the market where your own property is located. All expert suggestions are based solely upon those objective market research findings.

2We Perform Complete Tenant Pre-Screens

We have access to check credit histories, verify income and employment, and criminal backgrounds of all prospective occupants to prevent major problems later on.

3We handle all rent collections

We constantly reiterate the requirement for prompt rent payment through periodic reminders and quick response to delinquencies. Moreover, we make rental remittance simple and painless by offering automatic bank account debiting. After funds clear, we promptly transfer them to you.

4We ensure proper upkeep of your premises

Our full-time staff of maintenance and grounds keeping pros in addition to well-established partnerships with outside vendors give us easy access to the highest quality of service at the lowest cost. Whether it be routine maintenance and lawn care or emergency repairs, we remain at the ready to respond 24/7/365.

5We inspect regularly

Routine inspections at irregular but regular intervals are vital to identify necessary deferred maintenance and deter tenant-caused damage. All inspections are fully documented on videotape and still photos. Rest assured that you will receive immediate notification of any irregular findings.

6We evict delinquent tenants for you

When tenants violate lease terms by failing to pay rent or otherwise, we can handle eviction efficiently. Our knowledgeable in-house staff is experienced and familiar with applicable legalities that allow you to avoid any direct contact with deadbeat occupants.

7We offer detailed online reports

The official San Bernardino property management website integrates a secure portal that all property owners may access to review relevant financials like P & L statements, contractor invoices, repair history, tenant payment rical data, and other vital stats. This lets you stay on top of all the latest developments with a few keystrokes!

Your questions answered?

  • Q: Which regions does Jackson Property Management cover?

    A: The Company manages property in Grand Terrace, Colton, Rialto, Highland and San Bernardino.

  • Q: What kinds of property do Jackson's manage?

    A: Jackson Property Management Services manage multiplexes, condos, family homes and more.

  • Q: What happens if I own multiple properties?

    A: Jackson's are capable of managing large property portfolios. We will give you one point of contact that will cover all of your properties.

  • Q: Tell me more about Jackson Property Management fees

    A: Our cost effective fees are easy to understand. For further information about our charges simply fill in the form above, or contact us directly. We take a small percentage of the rent collected and the fee covers you 24/7/365. If no rents are collected you incur no charges.

  • Q: Who set the rent?

    A: Our team of skilled managers will utilize a number of online tools to calculate a fair rent. As the property owner, you will always decide the final figure.

  • Q: Can you rent my property out quickly?

    A: This depends on a number of things. A property that is ready to rent and priced at the average market rates will usually rent within four weeks. Properties that are not in a ready to rent condition but have above market rate rents take longer to let.

  • Q: Who is liable for maintenance costs?

    A: The property owner will pay the cost of any repairs. These circumstances could change if tenants neglect or damage the dwelling.

  • Q: Why should we choose Jackson Property Management Services?

    A: If you need to use San Bernardino property management services you should choose Jackson's. We offer a cost effective service that covers everything. Landlords who choose Jackson's know that their rental property is in safe hands. In addition to this we give a one hundred per cent guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service we provide. If you have tenants that fail to pay their rent you owe us nothing.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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every time you use our services. If the tenant does not pay their rent, you do not pay us. We are ready to help you manage your property."

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